Auleda- Local Economic Development Agency in cooperation with RDA, Tirana, organized on March 26-27-28, a three-day “SE for CSOs” training session at the Hotel “NEW YORK” in Vlora. The training session was organized under the IDEA project, funded by the European Union, within the framework of the Greece-Albania 2014- 2020 Interreg Program.

22 Civil Society Organizations, working in the social and cultural sector, selected after an open public call, took part in this three-day training.

The aim of the training was to increase the capacities of participants from civil society organizations, to entrepreneurial skills based on the services they provide in the community. The adoption of the Law on Social Entrepreneurship and the opportunities that this law creates for civil society organizations operating in the social cultural sector were at the center of this training focus.

During the three training days, participants learned about drafting a business plan based on a clear analysis of the needs for socio-cultural services, defining mission and business objectives, organization form, product and related costs, budget, financial management and leadership.

From the participants in the training were presented interesting business ideas related to social and cultural services. These ideas were subject to the process of mentoring and mentoring by the experts to turn them into quality business plans. The best business plans selected after a technical assessment with published criteria will be supported by the RDA grant scheme and the national start-up scheme, with a maximum funding value of 500,000 ALL.

The training was also attended by members who are the focus of the IDEA project, who had the opportunity to access the necessary information in view of the materialization of their idea in a social enterprise.

At the end of the training, the participants managed to produce a prepared draft plan for the concrete idea of ​​their business. Some organizations have the capacity to build business plans, but there is also a part that needs support, where in this case it was provided through trainings of this form.

Based on the new law on social enterprises, non-profit organizations have the opportunity to create a supportive financial mechanism and generate funds that give them financial sustainability, while simultaneously providing the opportunity to improve the services provided in the community.

IDEA will enable the creation of micro-funds to support ideas at their initial stage, but also through other financial mechanisms provided by lending associations can expand the activity. At the end of the project, together with the Municipality of Himara, it is expected that the project will be able to fund 4 startups which will increase the quality of service in the  respective territory.

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