The Non-Profit Organization (NPO) “THREE THIRDS SOCIETY” with the distinctive title “3/3 SOCIETY” has been established (in 2010) by people with various professional backgrounds but common goals, visions and principles regarding social cohesion and the support of vulnerable social groups.

The organization’s main purpose is to improve the quality of life of people, especially of those belonging to disadvantaged / vulnerable social groups, by implementing actions such as: social groceries, social kitchens, common meals for the most deprived people, social integration of refugees and immigrants, integration or reintegration in society and the labor market of unemployed mainly through social economy and social entrepreneurship, support economic development in areas facing acute economic and social problems.

NPO “THREE THIRDS SOCIETY” has extensive experience in Supporting Entrepreneurship and especially Social Entrepreneurship for achieving smart, sustainable and mainly inclusive growth, with emphasis on Innovation and Competitiveness, e.g. providing consultation, preparing Business Plans, Developing Cooperative and Clustering schemes and Entrepreneurial Incubators in fields such as Agritourism, Cultural Heritage, Creative Industries, Home Care for elderly, disabled people etc.