On 10 July 2019 Auleda participated to the round table discussion of the project “KeBuono Social Pastry: legality, inclusion and awareness as ingredients for a better community”, which took place in Vlora in the premises of “Qendra Rajonale Rinore”.

The event was focused on assessing the current development of the issue of social reuse of confiscated assets in Albania. Thanks to the participation of a representative of the Italian association “Libera contro le Mafie”, the conference made possible the exploration of the Italian best practices in terms of social re-use and examples of social entrepreneurship, creating new links and opportunities for the Albanian CSO’s environment.

The example of KeBuono presented in the conference, which is also one of the best practices identified by Auleda that is working under the project IDEA to improve social enterprises environment in the region of Vlore, and the example of “Libera contro le Mafie”, was important in order to learn more from the best models available for social enterprises and social entrepreneurship.

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