Public presentation took place in Himara, at the premises of “Sea View” Hotel, on 30 May 2020.

Mr.Goro expressed his pleasure for participating in this meeting. He expressed very positively about the IDEA project, in which the Municipality of Himara is in his partnership. He also valued that these European Union projects give a great help to the Municipality to increase its capacities and also to bring two countries like Greece and Albania closer together through increasing cross-border cooperation. partners were closely acquainted with two Municipality projects related to the social enterprise. Mrs. Ruçi made a presentation in the presence of partners, of two old buildings that the Municipality intends to reestablish and restore to the function of the community. Specifically, the building in the village of Palasë, is planned to turn into a center that will be in the service of people with disabilities. The center will be in the service of a wider community, including the areas around Himara.

The next building that the municipality plans to restore, is about an old school, which is planned to be turned into an eco-museum. This center will function for cultural promotion purposes. This multifunctional center will be in the service of ecotourism, promoting the products of the area and organizing the activities.

After the presentation of Mrs. Ruci, Mrs. Besmira Hoxha, made a presentation of “Oriku Sapun”, a social enterprise which produces soaps, using entirely BIO products. “Oriku Soap” makes a significant contribution to the women of the surrounding area, offering them to come and work in her shop.

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