Himara municipality lies in southern Albania, between the Ceraunian mountains and the Ionain Sea and is the most visited part of Albanian Riviera. Himara is covered around by hills, which are covered with olive groves and various fruit trees displaying a magnificent view. With typical Mediterranean vegetation is considered the birthplace of olive and citrus cultivation – there are thousands of oranges, mandarins and lemons – and everything is crafted with great care and love for the earth.

The region consists in the development of its great potential for tourism but also it is present the emigration process. Nowadays that the local people are returning to the region and the municipality has been enlarged by a territorial Reform in 2014, we are attending tourism and economic growth

The municipality is capable to ménage the sources of all Municipality and have a specialist staff in administration.

Himara Municipality was partner in different projects develop and implement in this area.

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