Investment Development and Empowerment Action (IDEA)

Launch Event

Saturday 08/12/2018, 10:00 –Hotel Olympic, Ioannina, Greece


The Launch Event for the project Investment Development and Empowerment Action (IDEA)”was successfully organized on Saturday, December 8,at the Olympic Hotel inIoannina, Greece.

The aim of the event was to present to the general public the project “Development and Empowerment Action (IDEA)”.The objective of the project is the matching of supply and demand for social investments as well as the study and specialization of hybrid tools for the funding of organizations and actions of the third sector of the economy, which could be applied at local and regional level.

The event was welcomed by representatives of the Local Authorities and by the President of the non-profit organization and project partner “THREE THIRDS SOCIETY”, Mr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis.

Afterwards, the project partners continued to the presentation of the project.The first presentation was made by Mr. Constantinos Economopoulos, Secretary General of the non-profit organization “THREE THIRDS SOCIETY”, who presented the activities of the project IDEA in Epirus. The second presentation was made by the Assistant Professor at the University of Ioannina and project partner, Mr. Antonios Adam and was about the funding of the social enterprises.

Within the framework of the event, representatives of the Local Authorities, development companies, Cooperative Banks as well as representatives of the third sector of economy, were also invited to give their perspective on the subject.

The first one to give a speech was Mrs. Maria Mizithra, CEO of the Cooperative Bank of Epirus, who talked about the establishment of the Social Enterprise Ecosystem in Greece, followed by Mr. Athanasios Mantalovas, Deputy Mayor of Development and Planning of the Municipality of Ioannina, who gave a speech about the role of the Local Authorities in the Social Investment.

After the short coffee break, the participants had the opportunity to attend the presentation of the Special Secretary for the Social and Solidarity Economy of the Ministry of Labor, Social Security and Social Solidarity, Mr. Evangelos Nikolaidis. In his presentation, he referred to the role the Social and Solidarity Economy should play after the economic crisis in Greece.

Subsequently, Mr. Vasilios Bellis, the General Manager of the Development Company of Karditsa, took the floor to discuss the investment readiness and the impact it has to society. Last but not least, Mr. Nikolaos Yannis, Doctor of European Studies and Member of the European Commission, gave a speech with the title “Third-sector terminology issues, charity, benevolence. The Future of Privatization of Virtue. The case of ‘Epechina Chora’ in Zagori”.

Following the presentations, a discussion was held with clarifying questions and answers and information about involvement of the participants in the future actions of the project. The event ended with a light buffet lunch.

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