Vlorë, 11 June 2018

AULEDA – Local Economic Development Agency, Vlore in the quality of Lead partner on June 11th organized the Kick Off – IDEA Project “Investment Development and Empowerment Action”, INTERREG IPA CBC Greece Albania Program 2014-2020.
The meeting took place on June 11 at 09:00 am near the Palace Hotel, Vlora. The project aims to create an Investment Fund for Social Entrepreneurship and well-defined criteria guides, creating hybrid financial models, funding tools and a strategy for attracting investors.
The core approach will be the recording /capture /evaluation of supply and demand for social investments is envisaged, by conducting field research and also specialized Focus Groups. The completion of these studies and also the related documentation and support material that will accompany them will constitute an important feedback for the creation of hybrid financial tools.
IDEA project will develop and apply a Social Impact Measurement tool in order to ensure that the social investments funded support sustainable growth. The website will be the key instrument for the participatory planning of social projects and social investments.
Social economy is people’s economy and thus supports social integration since most of the people working in this sector are coming from vulnerable social groups
The overall objective of the project is to “Improve cross border capacity to support entrepreneurship, business survival and competitiveness” through the development of hybrid financial instruments and models of social finance, by improving the capacity of enterprises and social operators.
The project also aims to improve the business performance by providing them the access to funds, creating collaborative schemes, increasing exports and building ICT infrastructure.

Project Partners:
AULEDA – Local Economic Development Agency of Vlora, Albania
Municipality of Himara, Albania
University of IOANINA- Research Committee, Greece
Three Thirds Society, Greece
Municipality of Arta, Greece
Additional Information:
Lead Partner: AULEDA – Local Economic Development Agency of Vlora, Albania

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