Focus Groups and Interviews in the framework of the Investment Development and Empowerment Action Project (IDEA)

On Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 October, STRATIS LTD successfully completed the four (4) Focus Group meetings in the framework of the project IDEA. The meetings that took place in Arta had involved institutions of the Social Economy, representing in the aggregate the Demand for Social Investment. The organisations were selected on the basis of the conditions to be met by potential beneficiaries of the IDEA project.

In particular, some of the meeting’s participants were representatives of Cultural Associations of the Arta, such as the Cultural Association of Filothei Arta, the Cultural Association of Arta “Makrygiannis”, the Cultural Association Melissourgioton Arta “The Saint Marcos”, the Cultural Association of the Rocket “Agios Nikolaos”, the Mousikofilologikos Association of the Map “The Skoufas”-1896, the Cultural Association “the Kiafa”, the Cultural Association of Mytikas and the Book Friends Community.

The representatives of the women’s Associations of Arta, who also participated in the Focus Group, provided useful information about the condition in the area. More specifically, we had the opportunity to discuss with the representatives of the women’s Association of Amvrakikos (ANEZA) and the women’s Association of Arta “Thea Dimitra”.

Finally, crucial for the implementation of the project in the area of Arta, were the discussions with the representative of the Association of disabled people AG. Theodora and the representative of the Association of Volunteers against Breast Cancer” Epistithioi friends”, while intense interest was also in the discussion with the representative of the Animal Welfare Association of Arta.

In addition to the demand’s part for social investments, STRATIS LTD also examined the supply, within seven (7) interviews conducted in the region. The interviews concerned representatives of large companies, which are active in fundings.  The content of the questions was structured so as to form a complete picture of the investments in the field of Social Economy in Arta. In summary, the questions concerned the existing forms of funding, the shortcomings in monitoring its effectiveness, the forms of funding, whether in terms of products or money.

Both of these actions formed the basis for the design and implementation of the IDEA project, providing important information on the situation in the region.



  • Creating a supply and demand register for potential investors and social actors at local level
  • Recognizing hybrid financing tools that can be implemented locally.
  • Acting as a catalyst to narrow the gap between supply and demand, bringing social entrepreneurs and potential sponsors / backers / investors together.
  • Providing counseling, training and empowerment to social economy stakeholders to improve their investment readiness.
  • Creating a flexible and reliable monitoring mechanism, tools and methodologies for measuring social impact.

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