Focus Groups in Arta

Focus Groups and Interviews in the framework of the Investment Development and Empowerment Action Project (IDEA) On Monday 21 and Tuesday 22 October, STRATIS LTD successfully completed the four (4) Focus Group meetings in the framework of the project IDEA. The meetings that took place in Arta had involved institutions of the Social Economy, representing […]

ROI Models- Match Funding Model

What is a Financial Model and which are the models created from Auleda in the framework of IDEA Project—ROI Models. Money is a constant topic of conversation among nonprofit leaders: How much do we need? Where can we find it? Why isn’t there more of it? In tough economic times, these types of questions become […]

Third Training Visit of the Project, Arta

The Study Visit for the ” Investment Development and Empowerment Action ( IDEA ) ” project was successfully held in Arta on Thursday and Friday 19 – 20 September.  The purpose of the Study Visit was to exchange good practices and understand the status and maturity of the Social Investment market in the Arta region. The visits focused on identifying best practice and funding mechanisms […]

Round Table Discussion, KeBuono Pastry

On 10 July 2019 Auleda participated to the round table discussion of the project “KeBuono Social Pastry: legality, inclusion and awareness as ingredients for a better community”, which took place in Vlora in the premises of “Qendra Rajonale Rinore”. The event was focused on assessing the current development of the issue of social reuse of […]

Training Visit in Himara 30-31 May 2019

The IDEA project purpose is to create a sustainable social enterprises sector, trying to meet the demand of CSO-s, Social Enterprises and Social businesses with the supply offered from potential public and private investors, as well as studying and building hybrid tools, which can be applied at the local and regional level. Training Visit in […]

Third Partners meeting Himara, Friday 31 May 2019

The third partners meeting of IDEA project, “Investment Development and Empowerment of Action”, was held successfully on Friday, 31 May 2019, in Llogora Tourist Village Hotel. Partners meet together to discuss the progress of the project at the current stage and the work performed by each partner until now, also to identify the next steps that […]

Second call

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