Investment Development and Empowerment Action (IDEA)

2nd Project Meeting

Tuesday 18/12/2018, 12:00 – Byzadino Hotel, Arta, Greece


The 2nd Project Meeting for the project Investment Development and Empowerment Action (IDEA)” was held on Tuesday, December 18, at the Byzadino Hotel in Arta, Greece.

The objective of the project is the matching of supply and demand for social investments as well as the study and specialization of hybrid tools for the funding of organizations and actions of the third sector of the economy, which could be applied at local and regional level.

The aim of the meeting was for the partners to present the project’s state of the art, discuss the progress of the project’s work packages and to decide on the steps that need to be taken for the realization of the rest of the project.

Specifically, the meeting started with the partner’s presentations on the projects state of the art, followed by the management and coordination for the 1st Work Package. The partners were informed about the 2nd Progress Report and the verification of the expenses, and were able to plan the next steps regarding the procurement procedures and contracts, as well as the rest of the actions that concern the 1st Work Package.

Following a lunch break, the partners talked about the produced communication material and the organized communication activities used for the promotion of the project and contemplated on the actions that should be made in order to attract investors.

Subsequently, the partners moved on to discuss the 3rd Work Package, which concerns the research and analysis part of the project. They talked about the templates, methodology and guidelines for the assessment phase of the project and shared some first thoughts on the financial tools and models that are going to be used for this phase. One of the subjects that was also brought for discussion was the designing of the database and the report for the demand and supply, as well as the organizing of the focus groups and the interviews needed for this phase.

Finally, the partners planned and organized the upcoming training visit to Ioannina and talked about the rest of the training and consulting activities that are going to take place in the framework of the 4th Work Package of the project, as well as the tools that are going to be used for the completion of the aforementioned activities.

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